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From the Development Underway

Phase 3 lakefront cabin development (long term cabins) is complete. 

Phase 3 (short term cottages), is complete and available all four seasons for your enjoyment.  Book Now for 2024!  


Contact us now for short or long term stays!  We are now open year round for your enjoyment.

Phases 1, 2 and 3 are now completed. Final phase 4 is now under construction.

Please contact us at for details on work in progress and Phase 4 opportunities.

Summer 2021 Short Term Cottages

Beautiful finish, high quality construction. Thoughtful design.

 Winter 2021 Short Term Cottages

 Fall 2020 A Video of The Kapasiwin Site

Winter 2020 Long Term Cabins

 Summer 2020 Long Term Cabins

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